Telegram helper bot for @tgtoadbot

Helper Telegram bot for @tgtoadbot


1. Copy and edit .env file

, cp .env.sample .env,

2. Initialize mongo, add user for task scheduler


$ docker-compose up -d mongo

$ docker-compose run mongo bash

$ mongo –host mongo -u root

use agenda

db.createUser ({user: "agenda", pwd: "agenda", roles: [{role: "readWrite", db: "agenda"}]})


3. Exit mongo container and start all other services

, $ docker-compose up -d,




Inline mode

In inline mode, the bot helps to quickly enter the toadbot commands, and also provides useful tips for them.



[one. Scheduled Tasks List] (# 1-scheduled-tasks-list)

[2. Cancel task] (# 2-cancel-task)

[3. Schedule Feeding] (# 3-Schedule Feeding)

1. List of scheduled tasks

The command My schedule shows all the scheduled tasks.

2. Canceling a task

To cancel one of the tasks, you need to execute the command Cancel task <ID>.

3. Schedule Feeding

To schedule a feeding, you need to enter a command in the format

Schedule feeding hh: mm

or Schedule a feast hh: mm for premium toads.

After that, the bot will automatically ask you to press the ** Feed the toad ** button

with an interval of 12 or 6 hours after the last feeding.