parky’s twitch bot

A free, minimal, lightweight, cross-platform, easily expandable Twitch IRC/API bot.


  • 🔌 Connect to Twitch IRC chat!

  • 🔌 Connect to Twitch API! (change game, title)

  • 🔊 Play custom sounds!

  • ⚡ Make your own plugins with 5 lines of Python code! 🐍

Windows (8, 8.1, 10) download

Get @ Releases page

Linux installation

A script to clone, setup & make shortcuts.

Open a terminal and choose your favourite method below to install:

# wget
sh -c "$(wget -O -)"

# curl
sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"


See running locally below.

⚡ Included plugins

Google's TTS!tts, !< language >
Misc!commands, !remind < something >
Pat & Love!pat, !love < someone >
Plugin toggle!plugin < disable/enable > <!command>
Sounds¹!< file_name >
Twitch API²!uptime, !game < optional >, !title/!status < optional >

[1]: Custom sounds go inside /sounds in mp3/wav formats.

[2]: One must fulfill API credentials inside the application settings.

💡 Simple plugin example

Copy the template below:

from parky_bot.settings import BOT
from parky_bot.models.message import Message

@BOT.decorator(commands=['!hello', '!hi']):
def my_custom_command(message): 
    BOT.send_message(f'Howdy {message.sender}!')

Save your under /plugins folder and you’re ready to go!

Running locally

  • Install Python 3.7 or newer

  • Set up a virtual env (optional):

python -m venv .venv
# Unix
source .venv/bin/activate

# Windows
  • Install dependencies:
pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Start the application:
python -m
# Console only/No tkinter:
python -m --console