This Project uses an API from Cowin Portal to find available doses of vaccines and automatically notifies the users via Telegram Chat.


  • Python 3.3+

  • macOs or Linux or Windows


Building the source code

1. Clone the repository

git clone
cd Cowin_Vaccine_Availability_Bot

2. Create Virtual Environment

python -m venv c:\path\to\myenv

3. Download & Install all the Dependencies

pip install -r requirements.txt

Working of Bot


How it Works

  • Data for upto 7 days is extracted from an API.

  • Iterating over data to check for available vaccine doses.

  • If any dose available then a message is sent via Telegram API to a specific channel.

  • The particular data which has been sent to telegram is cached for 1 hour to prevent multiple notifications.

  • Data from API is updated every 4 seconds.