It is an Personal Assistant, capable to perform many tasks with some unique features, that you haven’e seen yet….

Features / Tasks it can perform:

    * Game (eg, Rock Paper Scissor with GUI)
    • Search anything from wikipedia, google maps, etc

    • Play video from YouTube

    • Email Sender

    • WhatsApp Message Sender

    • COVID Tracker

    • Weather

    • Jokes

    • News

    • High Security (Face Unlock)

    • Capture Photo

    • Math Calculations

    • Timer

    • In-built search image display

    • Smart Dictionary Search

    • OS Info, Battery Info

    • Window, Tab Operations

    • Opening Websites

    • File Operations (Creating Files)

    • Web Automation (HTML Project)

    • Coin Toss, Roll Dice

    • Translator

    • ToDo List

    • Directions on Map

    • Screenshots

    • Volume Control

Modules Requirements and Installation:

pip install SpeechRecognition

pip install pyttsx3

pip install playsound

pip install Pillow

pip install pyscreenshot

pip install pynput

pip install psutil

pip install opencv-contrib-python

pip install opencv

pip install wikipedia

pip install webbrowser

pip install bs4

pip install smtplib

pip install youtube_search

pip install wmi

pip install geopy

pip install googletrans==3.1.0a0

Math Calculations

  • What is the binary of 142?

  • 2 + 4 - 3 x 9

  • Right shift 4

  • What is the value of factorial 10?

  • What is the value of Sin 90?

  • 9 power 5

  • what is the log of 1000

Files Creation

  • Create a empty file

  • Create a Python file

  • Create a Java file

  • Create a PowerPoint file

Web Automation (HTML Project)

  • Create a HTML project -> Project Name

(It will create Empty Project for you with HTML, CSS and JavaScript file with some important codes)

Google Maps Directions

  • Give me directions -> Starting Location -> Destination Location

Email Sender

  • Send an email -> Receiver Email -> Subject -> Message

WhatsApp Sender

  • Send a whatsapp message -> Receiver Phone No -> Message

COVID Tracker

  • What is the covid statistics?

  • What are the total covid cases in Inida?

  • What are the total deaths due to coronavirus?

  • What are the symptoms of covid-19?

  • What precautions can we take from coronavirus?


  • Translate a sentence -> "Hello, how are you?" -> Hindi

Smart Dictionary

  • What is the definition of Machine Learning?

  • What is the meaning of Natural Language Processing?


  • Set a timer for 10 seconds

  • Set a timer for 2 minutes

  • Set a timer for 1 minute 10 seconds

ToDo List

  • Add an item to my list -> "This is my first Item in my list"

  • Show my list

OS Info

  • Give my System Information

  • What’s my battery life

Selfie / Photo Clicker

  • Take a Selfie

  • Click a Photo

Volume Control

  • Increase the Volume

  • Decrease the Volume

  • Mute the Volume

  • Full Volume


  • Play Captain America Trailer on YouTube

  • Google I/O on YouTube

Image Result

  • Show the images of Robot

  • Show the images of Samosa

Wikipedia Result

  • Who is Sundar Pichai?

  • Who is Satya Nadella?

  • Artifical Intelligence on Wikipedia

  • Search for new technologies

  • Search for data structures and algorithms

Google Maps

  • India on Google Maps

  • Washington DC on Google Maps

Joke Teller

  • Tell me a joke

  • Tell me a funny joke


  • Give me some news

  • Get the latest news


  • What is the weather?


  • Take a ScreenShot

Window Operations

  • Open Window

  • Close Window

  • Switch Window

  • Maximize/Minimize Window

Tab Operations

  • Create new tab

  • Switch Tab

  • Close tab

System Apps

  • Open Paint

  • Open Notepad

  • Open Calculator

Automatic Typer

  • Open Notepad -> Say type " I’m currently not typing the text which I’m saying right now "

  • Select All

  • Delete/Backspace

  • Save that

  • Press enter

Coin / Dice

  • Toss a coin

  • Roll a dice

Time / Date

  • What is the time?

  • What is the date today?

Voice Changer

  • Change your voice

  • Change your voice to Male/Female voice

Website Opener

  • Open GeekForGeeks

  • Open GitHub

  • Open CodeChef


  • Let’s play a game

  • Rock Paper Scissor

  • Online Games

Smart Reply

  • How are you?

  • Who are you?

  • Tell me something

  • When is your birthday?

  • You’re so funny

  • Thank You

  • I’m sorry

To get started, run file to register your face and to use it…

Watch the demo here 👇👇👇

Common Installation Issues

pyaudio not installing  
  1. Download the pyaudio wheel version from (eg, if you have python version 3.7, download the file containing cp37)
  2. Install it using (eg, pip install PyAudio‑0.2.11‑cp37‑cp37m‑win_amd64.whl)


Raise an Issue ticket if you have any other problems

Let’s contribute together and make this chatbot to be more advanced AI Chatbot 🧐